The Fast-Rack Talon is the latest rafterless PV installation system. Designed as part of the Fast-Rack racking system, the FR-Talon lets you put solar where you want it – not just where the rafters let you. It saves time on the roof by eliminating the hunt for rafters, pre-drilling and accidentally splitting rafters by lag screws. By spreading out the loads over a greater area, and using multiple wood screws, the Fast-Rack L-Feet are secured to the roof decking. Engineered for Canada and part of the reason Fast-Rack is one of Canada’s most popular PV racking systems. Designed for Fast-Rack with 48” centres or less. Consult the installation manual for instructions.

Find manuals and specsheets in our Downloads centre.

    No need to find and drill trusses – FR-Talon allows you to secure directly to the roof decking. Now L-Feet can go wherever you want them. Quick and secure.
    Unique multi-screw connection secures FR-Talon to roof decking. Engineered with pull-out tests that greatly exceed Canadian snow loads and winds.
    We have full engineering documents to satisfy engineers and building inspectors for most locations in Canada.
    Each FR-Talon system comes with the engineered Fast-Rack roof bracket, and a heavy gauge anodized aluminum flashing with sealing gasket. The assembled units are water tested.
    Simply locate the flashing where you want the L-Foot to land. Screw in #10 metal screws (installer supplied). Cover with the FR-Talon flashing and install your L-Foot with a ½” socket.