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The new Fast-Rack 2-Tier Universal Ground Mounting system is a modular approach to building ground mounted solar arrays from 2 to 200 kilowatts. We have optimized the combination of installation labour and site work, with structure costs to lower the overall installation costs of building residential, rural and commercial solar systems.

The Fast-Rack Ultra Rail System was designed to speed the installation of residential PV arrays on sloped roofs.

The EcoFoot2+ flat roof mounting solution is a modular, flexible ballasted mounting system that eliminates roof penetrations.

Our Ground Mounts allow the freedom to mount the solar panels in the optimum location for exposure to direct sunlight

Made in Canada. For Canada.

Fast-Rack 2 Tier Universal Ground Mount Innovations

UP TO 10′ BETWEEN FEET – Large spans to decrease footings, screw piles and labour.

MODULAR APPROACH  – With 8 panel building blocks, you can build systems from 2 to 200kW. Each kit includes splices to connect ajoining rails.

INTEGRATED GROUNDING – Using patented grounding solutions, the rails bond the panel to the system ground, eliminating panel ground lugs and wires.

60 or 72 CELL COMPATIBLE – Fits all module sizes and frame depths. Use 72 cell modules like the HES-320 for maximum power.

UNIVERSAL GROUND CONNECTIONS – Ready to connect to beams, piers, screw piles or cement blocks for faster, cleaner installations.

Quick and Easy Installations

Fast-Rack offers a modular approach to building ground mounted solar arrays

Fast-Rack 2-Tier Universal Ground Mount

Our Ground Mounts allow the freedom to mount the solar panels in the optimum location for exposure to direct sunlight, and have the advantage of flexible tilt angles to maximize solar production, and tend to shed snow faster than roof mounts. The clearance above the ground is flexible, allowing them to be used in areas with greater snow depths. They fit both 60 or 72 cell modules.

FR-2T-GM Rail Kit

For 8 Panels in Portrait (60 or 72 cells), with splices to interconnect the next set.

FR-2T-GM Leg Kit

Leg kit with front and back struts and single cross brace, with all hardware. Leg spacing up to 10′ apart.

Ground Mounts: Easy Installation

When you purchase an FAST-RACK 2-Tier Universal Ground Mount for 60 or 72 cell Modules, we supply the mounting structure, with aluminum rails that secure your solar panels and legs to provide the ability to adjust tilt angles. They are designed to mount to an on-site foundation of either helical/screw piles, concrete piers, or concrete ballast blocks. You can often find these material locally. Our foundation drawings have ideas for you, but we recommend you consult local engineers to make sure your foundation satisfies local wind and soil conditions.

FR Ground Mount Design Tool
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  • Determine the quantity
  • It will show you dimensions and materials to order!
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